IMMUNOMIN Best Immunity Medicine For Broilers

Multiple Properties As Antioxidant
•Stimulates the immune system.
•Increases the grow-weight in broilers.
•Increases the egg production.
•Increases the appetite and feel intake.
•Achieve better absorption of feed.
•Improves the endogenous digestive enzyme secretion.
PACKING: 100ml, 500ml,1Ltr, 5 Ltr.



IMMUNOMIN Best immunity medicine for broilers

Welcome to Amino Pharma, your trusted partner in veterinary excellence. Explore the pinnacle of innovation with “IMMUNOMIN,” the best immunity medicine for broilers in our comprehensive product lineup. Developed to meet the unique health needs of broilers, IMMUNOMIN is a testament to our commitment to providing superior veterinary solutions. Designed with a commitment to fostering robust health and growth in poultry, IMMUNOMIN stands out as the best veterinary medicine for broilers, offering a powerful blend of multiple antioxidant properties.

Key Features of IMMUNOMIN

Stimulation of the Immune System:
IMMUNOMIN is a powerhouse when it comes to fortifying the immune system of broilers. Its carefully crafted formulation includes key elements that trigger an immune response, enhancing the birds’ ability to ward off infections and diseases. A robust immune system is fundamental to the overall health and well-being of broilers.
Increased Grow-Weight:
Witness accelerated growth in your broilers with IMMUNOMIN. This exceptional veterinary medicine is formulated to optimize the physiological processes that contribute to weight gain. The result is not just growth in size but also an improvement in the overall health and vitality of your broiler flock.
Enhanced Egg Production:
For poultry farmers aiming for optimal egg production, IMMUNOMIN is the go-to solution. This specialized formula plays a pivotal role in supporting the reproductive health of broilers, leading to an increase in egg production. With IMMUNOMIN, you can expect healthier and more prolific laying from your flock.
Improved Appetite and Feed Intake:
IMMUNOMIN goes beyond immunity to address the nutritional aspects of broiler health. By stimulating appetite and optimizing feed intake, this veterinary medicine ensures that broilers receive the essential nutrients they need for sustained growth and vitality. A hearty appetite translates to better overall health and performance.
Better Absorption of Feed:
Achieving optimal growth requires efficient nutrient absorption. IMMUNOMIN facilitates better absorption of feed, ensuring that the nutrients in the diet are effectively utilized by broilers. This, in turn, contributes to healthier and more robust birds, reflecting the high standards set by Amino Pharma.
Improved Endogenous Digestive Enzyme Secretion:
A key differentiator of IMMUNOMIN is its positive impact on endogenous digestive enzyme secretion. This enhancement supports the digestive process, promoting nutrient breakdown and absorption. By optimizing digestive functions, IMMUNOMIN contributes to the overall well-being of broilers.

Packing Options Of IMMUNOMIN

IMMUNOMIN is available in convenient packaging options to suit the varying needs of poultry farmers. Choose from 100ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, or 5 Ltr packs, providing flexibility in usage based on the size of your broiler farm.

In the dynamic world of poultry farming, where health and growth are paramount, Amino Pharma’s IMMUNOMIN emerges as the top choice for broiler immunity. With its comprehensive set of benefits, including immune system stimulation, increased grow-weight, enhanced egg production, improved appetite, better feed absorption, and optimized digestive enzyme secretion, IMMUNOMIN is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Elevate your broiler farming experience with IMMUNOMIN – the key to unlocking the full potential of your flock. Trust Amino Pharma for cutting-edge veterinary solutions that empower you to achieve unparalleled success in poultry farming.


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