Cattle Products

Offering Albendazole, , Dimenazine, Isometamedium, antibiotics, tick controllers – Amitraz, Cypermethrin.

Feed Supplement

Offering water soluble and feed premix for poultry , livestock

Pig Products

Offering Iron Injection, Vaccines, Oxytetacycline Injectables and others

Pet Products

Presenting Jolic Shampoo and Conditioners – 3-1 , Dewormers, Tick Controllers etc etc.

Best Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers In India,

Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers

Company Profile

“Amino Pharma, India (A division of Amin Impex Pt Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Feed Supplements,Feed ingredients & Nutraceuticals from India since 2007.

Amino Pharma has wide range products like Tablets & large size veterinary boluses for livestock such as Albendazole bolus, Levamisole plain and in combination of other dewormers bolus

Injectables such as ivermectin plain and combinations, Multivtamin Injections, Enrofloxacin, Sulfadiidine , Oxytetracycline injections

We have Water Soluble powders antibiotics such as tylosin, neomycin, doxycycline, Oxytetracycline 50% water soluable powder piperazine and non medicated vitamin and amino acid supplements, Our popular brands in Oral Suspensions like Albenmin 2.5% & 10% , albendazole suspension and other liquid dewormers ., Enrofloxcin oral suspension, Toltrazuril suspension.

Wound Heal Spray, Ointments, Intra mammry infusions, Gel, oral paste, topical dip Cypermin –Cypermethrin and Herbal range of products

Major products in Veterinary Feed Supplements – Calcium Gel and Calcium Suspension for milking animal and Live stock, Clear Calcium Solution for Poultry, Liver tonic, Poultry Ad3EC, Mineral Mixture, Pet Multi-vitamins, Pet calcium, Pet Skin and Hair Products.

Amino Pharma has a wide range of animal health solutions such as Antibiotics, Anti-helmintics, Accricides, Antiprotozoals, Anti- Inflammatory & Corticosteroids, Galactogogue, Anti- Coccidials, Anti- Diarrheal, Health Supplements, Antistress , Anti- Arthritics, Anti –Allergic, Toxin Binders and growth promoters, Quality and economical products is our priority and your animal health is our concern.

We have dedicated regulatory team for providing your dossiers and technical team with in stipulated time frame. “

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