Let’s look at the Diarrhea Disease of Poultry in the poultry farm and medical treatment in it.


Got chickens? If you are having any type of livestock, you are totally responsible for their health. Just like humans, chickens also develop diarrhea from any mistake and negligence regarding how the flock should be managed. Diarrhea is one of the most prominent diseases found in poultry worldwide. It’s a little challenging to the poultry keeper, when they notice in the morning dropping off their bird.

Chicken diarrhea can be identified by your attention. You can basically recognize it by dropping them down; some loose droppings. Normal healthy chicken poop is usually firm, and white along with white cap on them.Along with this chicken produces a healthy drop more than one time a day and you can confuse diarrhea of the poultry. For this you need to be aware of the condition and coloring of your poultry birds. If you notice more than one-third of their poops are sticky and reddish-brown then you can depict that your birds are having diarrhea. You can also check feathers and vent areas of your flock if you are having a bunch of birds to identify whether they are ill. If a hen is having diarrhea his vent area will be red and sore and feathers will be dry and yellow.

Causes of diarrhea in the poultry farm

Same as human chickens develop diarrhea due to some reason and you will not be able to cure them until you know the reason behind them. Sometimes diarrhea passes from one to another if you are not able to identify them properly. Here I am mentioning some basic common reasons of chicken diarrhea;

  • Poor flock management
  • Bacteria/ viruses
  • Parasites
  • Coccidiosis
  • Worms
  • Kidney damage
  • Excess proteinaceous feed
  • Irregularities in eating habit


If you are having little suspicion that your flocks are having diarrhea Due to bacteria, virus or any parasite you can track the digestive tract of your hen. It can be treated with proper antibiotics. Along with antibiotics you can also provide them with probiotics.


Worms rarely are the cause of diarrhea in poultry, but if in any case they are present in a surplus amount they can totally irritate the intestine of flocks. You can reduce chicken diarrhea by preventing large amounts of worms from developing.


If your flock is experiencing gut damage and diarrhea due to any intestinal parasite there is a need to treat entire flocks for these worms. You can apply some basic appropriate methods to deworm medication. .


It causes depression and extreme diarrhea in 4-10 week, in severe conditions it may lead to death. If you are having suspicion of having coccidiosis immediately consult with vets.

Kidney damage

If your bird has kidney damage it is the most recorded case of diarrhea. It may lead to confusion with urine to leak from the kidney which interacts with dropping which occurs before defecation by making them more watery than normal. Therefore you see more urine.

Incorrect diets

All the incorrect diets for animals or containing unnecessary protein levels because wetter dropouts are extra urine. .

Treatment Of Diarrhea In Poultry Farm

As all the criteria of possible cause of diarrhea is mentioned here along with causes that lead to transmission of it. Now it will be easy to deal with the issue. Following are some of the most effective ways to handle this proble like Isolation of affected birds from the rest of the flock., Enhancement in environmental condition, A proper medication for treating diarrhea in poultry.If you are seeing any suspicious behavior in your flock’s normal behavior try to isolate it from others left in the group.Also keep birds with dirty vents separately in separate cages as other birds may disturb them by pecking them at their rough spot. And it can affect large no. of spots. .


The condition of diarrhea will be mostly managed if you are keeping your poultry in hygienic ways and also preventing them from undesirable conditions. Try to clean there cage daily along with their drinkers and feeders. Clean their drinkers daily and provide them fresh water.

Medication on how to control diarrhea

Most of the feed stores are selling probiotics and antibiotics to include along with their daily feed. If you are not properly aware about these you can take the help of vets or Dietrich to get proper information.A product named as BIOSTOP can be wholly be given to flocks. This whole course of antibiotics is very beneficial to prevent diarrhea among them. You can include them in their drinking water for continuous five days and it will certainly regulate diarrhea.For more of the information related to poultry diarrhea you can visit our website known as AMINOPHARMA to contact us All the details regarding poultry diarrhea and other cases are mentioned there. It can also help you in boosting your business or poultry farm.

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